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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Are Aliens and Demons One and the Same?

Are Aliens and Demons One and the Same?
By: T. O' Donnell

The thing which has confounded UFO watchers is the lack of concrete evidence for their existence. In this article, we will compare and contrast the phenomena of UFOs and demonology, in an attempt to explain this. Here are a few reasons the two phenomena may be connected:

1. Lack of material evidence.

We have blurry pictures. We have marks on the ground. We have fantastic eyewitness accounts of strange assaults on human beings in isolated places.

What we don't have is much in the way of technological evidence, if we're dealing with space travellers. Nothing like the crashed remains of a Cessna. UFOlogists say the Government is keeping these hidden. Given the constant spying scandals that bedevil Western governments, it seems unlikely they could keep a lid on such a sensation for very long.

An interesting alternative explanation is that UFOs are the modern equivalent of fairies, demons, and ghouls. They attack and sport with mortals who stray into their domain. Thus, they leave little in the way of physical evidence; marks on the witnesses bodies and a few scorch marks on the ground!

There is also the phenomenon of 'spirit photographs' versus UFO photos. Both show vague blobs of light and are taken by enthusiasts or by accident. There's just enough evidence to pique one's interest, but nothing definitive. A grand waste of time. Or a bluff.

2. Psychological effects.

UFO witnesses report odd effect on their psyches; interference with their perception of time, oppression, physical assault, sexual assault, psychic assault and dissociation.

This is peculiar behaviour if done by superior, benevolent beings who have travelled across the galaxy in silver saucers. It is perfectly consistent with the behaviour of man's oldest Adversaries.

Investigators should consider whether seeing UFOs is simply the result of the expectations of people living in a technologically-obsessed era; they see strange things and interpret them as machine-generated.

Also, if these phenomena are the work of the Evil One and his minions, what a clever disguise, in a society obsessed with science fiction and gadgetry!

3. 'By their fruits shall ye know them'.

Look at the UFO phenomenon from the perspective of the old Christian adage 'By their fruits shall ye know them'.

The overall effect of the UFO phenomenon is discord, upset, dissimulation and dissatisfaction. Nothing good or useful has come of it. Indeed, it is very like the old popularity of Spiritualism in Victorian times. A 'spirit guide' gives a nebulous message. The medium is often unstable. Strange phenomena are produced. It seduces a few needy and vulnerable people, but nothing like a cancer cure, lasting conversion to goodness or advanced knowledge comes out of it; just a lot of verbiage.

Like demonic activity, the intent may be to distract those who might genuinely find God otherwise.

Consider also the possibility that the Spirit or UFO is the equivalent of a street bum or corner boy; some creature just 'hanging around' in another dimension or the astral (starry!) plane. While they may be in another dimension, that does not necessarily mean they are either wise or benevolent.

Rather, the intention may be to sport with, harass or vampirise the witness.

I think it would be a very interesting exercise to look at the reports of UFO witnesses and any follow-up research, in a pragmatic way; has anything worthy come out of it? It the answer is no, and in fact people's lives have degraded, then I think we have our answer.

4. The quality of people involved.

UFOlogy, like the Templars and ancient Egypt, is a sizeable industry. Many books are churned out each year. Bearded senior gentlemen announce major revelations. The world turns as it always does, indifferent.

UFOlogy is very similar to Spiritualism. It's interesting, but it just ... doesn't ... quite ... satisfy, y'know? The effect is oddly tiring, after a while. Zendar of the 9th Dimension gives rather vague messages to humanity. A small clique of needy people forms around the visionary.

If they're lucky, they retain their wits and their money, and move on, eventually.

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T. O' Donnell is a credit broker running insurance and merchant account web sites in London, UK StumbleUpon


Teresa Silverthorn said...

No, aliens and demons are not the same. Demons and human spirits, would be the same.

Different breed/race.

Rachy said...

interesting post. I agree that there is a great similarity between UFO reports (1950s to present) and reports of spirits and demons of past generations. It is interesting how fears are projected as beings of unknown origin and intent and reflecting the knowledge of the day.

Also, regarding alien abductions, I believe also there is a sleep-like state when it really feels you are awake and the dreams have a more "real" feeling, but you are paralyzed and can't move. I've once experineced something like this myself. This sleep-like state is how I would attribute many UFO abduction stories.

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