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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

UFO filmed in myrtle beach south carolina.

An extremely interesting video, the UFO doesn't appear until the end. The location is in Myrtle beach South Carolina.


Aliens on Venus

I don't see how it's possible but it is entertaining. It is much too hot on Venus for anything to sustain life. Although, a very different alien life form from us may be able to sustain life on Venus. Aliens may have once lived on Venus a long time ago.


Life on Mars,Martian Artifacts

A video of possible Martian artifacts left by aliens. The Maritians left behind many artifacts that we can view today. There may also me life on mars today, in the form of tiny microbial life. A lot of people say that the artifacts are just mountains or the camera angle. The debate about Mars rages on.


Aliens with a Base on the moon?

Is this an alien structure on the moon? Did we even really land on the moon, or did the aliens stop us. Aliens on the moon has been a theory forever, mostly generated by the fact we never went back there. Enjoy this video and be sure to comment and tell me what you think. Could the Aliens have a base on the moon


Alien Skulls

Many different supposed alien skulls that have been found.


UFO over Las Vegas

Wow, this UFO over Las Vegas is definitely the real deal. This is definitive proof that UFOs exist. I can't even believe there are still skeptics with videos like this one around. Enjoy this one its a good one!


Under Water UFO

Is this really an underwater UFO? The concept of underwater UFOs and deep sea aliens, is just amazing to me. There is so much left of the ocean bottom that has not been searched by man kind. Anything could be down there, from UFOs to aliens to sea monsters! What could lie deep down in our ocean bed? Just about anything your mind could think of.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Treeman, an alien virus? alien hybrid?

This is really interesting, I mean, just look at this guy, he's turning into a tree for christ sake. This is a really interesting case and is 100% true. The treeman has been fascinating doctors and scientist for years. Could this be an alien virus or an alien hybrid. The treeman certainly is one of the canidates.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Aliens on Mars

Many have speculated, are there aliens on Mars? The anwser is yes, there are aliens on Mars. Alien lifeforms in microbial form apparently do live there, but did sentinent alien beings ever live there? The question comes from the fact that Mars used to apparently have flowing rivers and a temperate climate that may have had oxygen in it. Could there perhaps be the ruins of an alien society under the vast red dirt of mars, AND JUST WHY HAVENT WE GONE THERE YET? StumbleUpon

Thursday, September 25, 2008

UFOs and technology

Have we contacted aliens? Is the government lying to us? Just where is the new technology coming from? In the last 100 years, there have been countless technological advances, that have dwarfed the technological advances in the past. Is this in itself reason to believe that humans have secretly contacted aliens and made a deal with them? It is one of the most interesting UFO theorys. Humans are often quick to pat them selves on the back for our great technology. Cellphones, atomic bombs,cars,planes,tanks,submarines,massive battleships and computers have all come out within the last 100 years. Is there an extraterrestial influence, discuss it here! StumbleUpon

Friday, February 22, 2008

Cattle Mutilation Real or Fake?

Is cattle mutilation real or fake? Is it people doing it, or aliens, or animals? Is it just natural decomposition? Take a look at this picture and tell me what you think. The possiblities with cattle mutilation are endless. StumbleUpon

Reptillian and Subterrainean Reptiles and Subterrainean Theories.

I don't believe these theories are quite correct. Think about it, some people are naturally afraid of reptiles. If I was a "being" or species that could "project" scary reptile images to a person afraid of reptiles to gain an advantage I most certainly would. Although the "reptiles evovled" theory is quite interesting and has piked people's imaginations for years. Anything is possible. Although, that they live inside a hollow earth is a strech at best. We can buy possession but not shape shifting in the physcial world David Icke. StumbleUpon

UFOs Exist

I'm wondering to myself how many people out there believe UFOs exist and I guess the number has to be pretty high. For those people that don't think UFOs exist I highly recommened reading the links supplied below pertaining to Project Blue Book and The Portage County UFO chase. I also recommend you do some searching online, but not stay away from the sites that are too "off the wall" with there theories. Some people just want attention and seem to take away from the people that are really telling the truth. Anyway the Portage County UFO chase is of particular note because four, count 'em, FOUR police officers chased a UFO for thirty minutes. The government tried to cover it up and say it was a weather balloon, there were also countless other witnesses. At any rate, if you don't believe in UFOs or extraterrestial life I highly suggest reading the two links below, perhaps that will change your mind a bit. StumbleUpon

The UFO Connection

The UFO Connection, does it have spirtual roots? And if so, what role does that play? That is what this website is about. The connection between UFOs and the place where "spirits" come from. We attempt to break down peice by peice the whole situation here, and give people an accurate view of what's going down without being biased. We accept that there is UFOs out there, or at least something is out there! StumbleUpon

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