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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nazi UFOs

Here is a short piece on Nazi UFOs that look just like flying saucers. The Germans under the Nazi rule with Adolf Hitler made several types of advanced aircraft. One of these was the Nazi UFO or flying saucer. Many pictures of the alleged Nazi UFO are shown below in this clip from the History channel. Hitler and the Nazi party also made the first missiles like the V1 and V2 types. The flying saucer or UFO was probably one of the most interesting things the Nazis made. Perhaps this design is some secret technology that we used from the Nazis and that is why there are so many flying saucer type UFO sightings. Hitler and the Nazis were never able to really use the UFO as the Allies were able to win the war, before they were finished. But many prototypes were found, and who knows what kind of technology the Germans really possessed.


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