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Saturday, January 31, 2009

128 Year Old Woman Becomes World's Oldest!!!

A 128 year old woman was found in a village in Uzbekistan of all places! It's funny how they are always found in a remote village. How did nobody know about this before? This is big news! At 128 years old Tuti Yusupowa totally shatters the previous record held by 14 years! Gertrude Baines, of the USA, was previously the world's oldest person at 114. There is a passport showing Yusupowa's real age, born in 1880. Yes! 1880, now that is something to think about.

This is the oldest person living on record. How did Yusupowa make it this far? What is her secret? It is just incredible how long she has lived, and that Yusupowa gives hope to every living person on the planet, that we as a people can live long and healthy lives!

You can read more and see photos of Tuti Yusupowa at the link below.


Obama and ANTI-GRAVITY Tech?!

Anti-Gravity could be real, and could be released to the American public! This is a video on the history of supposed anti-gravity technology. The technology which was once featured in Star Trek could be finally here. Although, until there is a very concrete demonstration of this technology it remains to be seen whether this is 100% true or not. However, it is looking like this technogoly IS out there and that it really is going to be released to the American public! Send a letter to Barack Obama to get UFO and anti-gravity tech disclosed!


Bright Lights in The Sky

Bright Lights in the Sky
By: Marcus T. Anthony

Some people ask me how I got interested in knowledge that might be considered "alternative" in some circles. Here is a little story about an extraordinary experience that certainly helped me along my way! So here goes my story, and 100% true.

In 1996 I was living in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia, a small coastal town. One day I was walking along the street downtown, and I saw a sign which read: "Psychic readings, $10". I had never had a psychic reading up till that time, and curiosity got the better of me. So I went inside and met a woman named Leslie who gave me a "reading." The reading itself was nothing particularly special. But what followed certainly was.

To cut a long story short, I ended up going to one of Leslie’s talk/meditation evenings a few weeks later. At the end of the talk she told everyone present that she had had lots of dreams about UFOs the previous night.

"Whenever I have these dreams there are lots of UFO sightings around," she said. "So if you go out tonight you may see something. I feel that about two in the morning would be the right time."

Now, being the gullible fool that I am, I decided to take up the offer. I went to bed at about 11 p.m., but set my alarm for 1.45.

When the alarm rang, I managed to drag myself out of bed. I stumbled around my house for 15 minutes, and then headed outside at 2.00 a.m. sharp.

My eyes almost popped out of my head when I swung the door open and looked up at the sky. For flying right in front of me in the clear night sky was something I had never seen before. I can only describe it as a large ball of luminous white light, about a third the size of a full moon. The thing was probably a few hundred metres in the air, and was floating eastwards at about 90 degrees above the horizon. There was absolutely no sound, and it seemed to be gliding on air. I can only describe it as eerily unearthly. I ran out onto the road, and watched it disappear over the neighbours' houses. In total it was in view about 30 seconds.

The ball of light was heading east, out over the ocean, and since I was in an excitable state, I ran down to the beach, which was only a few hundred metres from where I lived. I walked up and down the beach for an hour, but the ball of light was nowhere to be seen.

Finally I gave up, and decided to head back to bed. I walked back down the short street to my home, and trudged up the driveway. Then, as I was about to duck under the doorway (I'm rather tall) I looked up one last time. Once again my eyes nearly jumped out of my head. I saw something equally as amazing as the ball of light. For, moving directly over my head there was a group of about twenty red, circular lights, flying in a double-V formation, one “V” inside the other. Again there was no sound, just eerie silence. The objects flew in a southerly direction, parallel the coast. They appeared to be a few hundred metres in the air, and within half a minute disappeared behind some trees at the end of the road.

I have had quite a few "interesting" experiences since that day, but probably nothing quite so extraordinary as that night. Of all the things that set me on a path of questioning dominant knowledge structures of western society, and the road to exploring human intelligence and human futures, this experience was probably the most significant.

What were those things I saw that night? How on earth did Leslie know that they were going to be there at that precise time, merely from a dream? Why are these kinds of phenomena still a taboo topic in modern science and academia? I’m still asking these questions today.

Free UFO Articles:

Dr Marcus Anthony is a futurist who lives and works in Hong Kong. His web site is StumbleUpon

Are Aliens and Demons One and the Same?

Are Aliens and Demons One and the Same?
By: T. O' Donnell

The thing which has confounded UFO watchers is the lack of concrete evidence for their existence. In this article, we will compare and contrast the phenomena of UFOs and demonology, in an attempt to explain this. Here are a few reasons the two phenomena may be connected:

1. Lack of material evidence.

We have blurry pictures. We have marks on the ground. We have fantastic eyewitness accounts of strange assaults on human beings in isolated places.

What we don't have is much in the way of technological evidence, if we're dealing with space travellers. Nothing like the crashed remains of a Cessna. UFOlogists say the Government is keeping these hidden. Given the constant spying scandals that bedevil Western governments, it seems unlikely they could keep a lid on such a sensation for very long.

An interesting alternative explanation is that UFOs are the modern equivalent of fairies, demons, and ghouls. They attack and sport with mortals who stray into their domain. Thus, they leave little in the way of physical evidence; marks on the witnesses bodies and a few scorch marks on the ground!

There is also the phenomenon of 'spirit photographs' versus UFO photos. Both show vague blobs of light and are taken by enthusiasts or by accident. There's just enough evidence to pique one's interest, but nothing definitive. A grand waste of time. Or a bluff.

2. Psychological effects.

UFO witnesses report odd effect on their psyches; interference with their perception of time, oppression, physical assault, sexual assault, psychic assault and dissociation.

This is peculiar behaviour if done by superior, benevolent beings who have travelled across the galaxy in silver saucers. It is perfectly consistent with the behaviour of man's oldest Adversaries.

Investigators should consider whether seeing UFOs is simply the result of the expectations of people living in a technologically-obsessed era; they see strange things and interpret them as machine-generated.

Also, if these phenomena are the work of the Evil One and his minions, what a clever disguise, in a society obsessed with science fiction and gadgetry!

3. 'By their fruits shall ye know them'.

Look at the UFO phenomenon from the perspective of the old Christian adage 'By their fruits shall ye know them'.

The overall effect of the UFO phenomenon is discord, upset, dissimulation and dissatisfaction. Nothing good or useful has come of it. Indeed, it is very like the old popularity of Spiritualism in Victorian times. A 'spirit guide' gives a nebulous message. The medium is often unstable. Strange phenomena are produced. It seduces a few needy and vulnerable people, but nothing like a cancer cure, lasting conversion to goodness or advanced knowledge comes out of it; just a lot of verbiage.

Like demonic activity, the intent may be to distract those who might genuinely find God otherwise.

Consider also the possibility that the Spirit or UFO is the equivalent of a street bum or corner boy; some creature just 'hanging around' in another dimension or the astral (starry!) plane. While they may be in another dimension, that does not necessarily mean they are either wise or benevolent.

Rather, the intention may be to sport with, harass or vampirise the witness.

I think it would be a very interesting exercise to look at the reports of UFO witnesses and any follow-up research, in a pragmatic way; has anything worthy come out of it? It the answer is no, and in fact people's lives have degraded, then I think we have our answer.

4. The quality of people involved.

UFOlogy, like the Templars and ancient Egypt, is a sizeable industry. Many books are churned out each year. Bearded senior gentlemen announce major revelations. The world turns as it always does, indifferent.

UFOlogy is very similar to Spiritualism. It's interesting, but it just ... doesn't ... quite ... satisfy, y'know? The effect is oddly tiring, after a while. Zendar of the 9th Dimension gives rather vague messages to humanity. A small clique of needy people forms around the visionary.

If they're lucky, they retain their wits and their money, and move on, eventually.

Free UFO Articles:

T. O' Donnell is a credit broker running insurance and merchant account web sites in London, UK StumbleUpon

Alien Skull Compilation

Here is a compilation of Alien skulls, many are very interesting indeed. Alien skulls are perhaps the greatest evidence ufologist have for proving the existance of aliens.


Starchild Skull

The Infamous Starchild skull found in Mexico, is it a real alien skull. It may be a "Gray" alien skull. This is a very interesting skull, although it could just be a birth defect what do you think?


Friday, January 30, 2009

Is Nasa Lying About Mars

Is this really evidence that Nasa is lying about Mars, was there really life there before. To what extent does this affect us? The truth is out there!


UFOs Over Europe

A compilation of UFOs spotted over Europe, where sightings have increased over the past few years.


New UFO Chat Rooms Added!!!

Hey everyone, I added a new chat room, so now the UFO Connection has it's own chat room! I also added our affliates chat rooms down at the end of the page, feel free to stop in there and chat with them if nobody is in our room! You can either sign up at for a name or you can just sign in as a guest. Also if the chat doesn't work for some reason just pop out the window or go to full screen mode, ENJOY! StumbleUpon

Watch Star Trek The Original Series For Free On CBS

Hey, whats up everybody? Did you know you can watch Star Trek The Original Series for free on CBS, YES! Thats right CBS has finally released Star Trek FOR FREE, ALL OF THE EPISODES so you can watch them.

I personally think that this was the best Star Trek series of them all, you can't beat the original. Kirk is definitely a way better, and funnier captain then Picared. He also does better with the ladies.

Spock VS Riker, not even close.

Beverly Crusher VS Dr.McCoy, come on people your losing it if you think that any Star Trek is better then the original series!

Enjoy all of the episodes FOR FREE at CBS!HERE IS THE LINK!

Star Trek Free Episodes StumbleUpon

Gliese 581c

Information on a planet that could harbor life, the first planet of it's kind that was found in a "habitable" zone. The star that it orbits is a red dwarf star, and is one and a half times bigger then earth. Gliese 581c could be where intelligent species that visit earth come from. It is one of the most important findings of our time, in the search for extra terrestial life. Gliese 581c is in the habitable zone where water could be on this planet, although we don't know a lot about the atmosphere and composition of the planet since it is light years away.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Man on Mars, A closer look

Remember the picture of the Man on Mars that sent chills down our spine? Well NASA says it was only a two inch piece of rock and it was just a fun picture for them to release. Here are some photo enhanced pictures of the "man on mars". Well I don't agree with the one alien throwing another down, it is cool to see this pic in different a in a different light, so to speak. Is this proof of life on Mars or is it just a rock


Incredible footage, is it a UFO?

This is incredible footage of some type of object falling from the sky. It can easily be seen on the left hand side of the person's wind-shield. It is probably a meteor, but a very cool video either way. The size of this thing must of been huge to be able light up the sky from that far away, I wonder what kind of damage it might have cause. Does anybody have anymore info on this sighting? Could it be a UFO


Real ufo sighting!

This one looks like it's for real, check it out, filmed in 2008. Is this a real sighting of a UFO?


Rise of UFO sightings in 2009

There has been a rise of UFO sightings in 2009, could this be a signal of the end times, or an invasion? Are the aliens finally going to make contact? Alien contact would mean so much to the human race, if they were peaceful, think of all the things they could teach us.

If they were hostile, think of the devastation they could wreak upon the human race. The two sides are just mind boggling to think about. Contact with an advanced alien race either means the highest enlightenment or the worst destruction of the human race!

Could the rise in UFO sightings be the result of an invasion later in 2009? Look at the map on the bottom of the page, UFO sightings have been reported all over the country!

Info about the rise in ufo sightings can be found here. StumbleUpon

Report your abduction experience here!

A great site with lots of abduction reports, and a place to report if you have been abducted by aliens. StumbleUpon

Reptillian Information

I found a great site with reptillian information, if not a little out there. It says that reptillians drink the blood of humans to stay in this dimension, now thats a little out there. But we have to keep an open mind with everything. Reptillians are said to be able to shape shift into humans, another whacky theory, proposed by David Icke, but an open mind is key in UFO research. The universe is vast and full of possiblities. Anyways, here is a link with a lot of info on the reptillians. StumbleUpon

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ghost and Demons.

A ghost and demon collage.



Is this a real UFO Crash?


Drone UFO Filmed in Ukraine

Could be a CGI fake, but could also be real, it's movement is the most striking. I have never seen a UFO like this, it appears to be a drone if it's real. This was filmed in Ukraine in early 2009.


Another UFO

Triangle formation, yet again, what is with the triangles? Have you seen the triangle shaped UFOs, leave a comment if you have. This one was filmed just a few weeks ago.


New Years Eve UFO

This is a UFO filmed during a new years eve celebration, you can see the fireworks exploding around it. Now, I've seen a pattern with these little orange ball shaped UFOs, I have posted several on my site already. Has anyone else seen a UFO that looked like this and can anyone shed some light on these kind of sightings? And no, it is not a sky lantern.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Deep sea aliens

Could these be aliens, or what aliens look like on other planets in the deep sea?


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Are there aliens on Mars?

Is this video proof that aliens lived on Mars?


Pyramids on Mars??

Are these what appear to be pyramids on Mars?


Real UFO Filmed in New Mexico

Is this a real UFO filmed in New Mexico?


Is this real?

Is this real, comment back


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Interesting photo.

This is an interesting photo of what the person who took it calls a "being". If you can prove it's fake he'll give you 100k! It looks pretty real to me.


Aliens or Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis, I want you to read about it here, and then come back to my site. I have been suffering from this "disease" or whatever it is for a while, about four years. I have seen all kinds of entities standing outside my bed, and been completely paralyzed and they are just staring at me, and I firmly believe that this is more then a "medical condition". I have seen people, what looks to be what one would describe as "monsters" and "aliens". They just sit there and watch, and sometimes they do talk and say disturbing things to me. It is a very interesting subject to read about, a lot of people who do astral projecting say this is the "first stage". I can vouch for that myself as I have astral projected from this "sleep paralysis" state. It is a very interesting subject indeed. StumbleUpon

What happened to this wind turbine?

Now this is really an interesting one, supposedly a UFO or "something" crashed into this MASSIVE wind turbine and broke off a peice of it and damaged a lot of it. Now let me say this, it had to have been something huge. It was obviously not a plane because a plane would have crashed immediately after, it was not a meteor as there was no crater. Whatever crashed into this thing, just kept going or was QUICKLY taken away by government agency and or another alien space craft. This is just shocking and one of the most important peices of UFO evidence I have seen to date.


ufo invasion fleet?

Here's some interesting footage, it appears to be a fleet of UFO's in the sky, I've seen several of these types of videos and they are disturbing and look pretty legit to me. Notice how they move around like somebody or something is piloting them. Are the aliens planning an invasion of earth? What are there true motives? Why have there been so many ufo sightings lately? So many questions, but so few anwsers. I did read someone speculating that these could be ballons reflecting, I highly doubt they are, by the way they move, and it seems that they are generating there own light. Well check out the video and comment and let me know what you think.


UFO at Obama's Inauguration

Is this a UFO at Barack Obama's Inauguration? At around 12 seconds into the video, a small object appears by the Washington monument and zooms across the screen. People have speculated it may be a bird, but it seems like it moves much faster then a bird would. It also appears to be pretty large, although it is far away on the camera. At any rate, this definitely fuels the fire on the "Government coverup theory" and cast a dark shadow on what was a good and historical day for America.


I'm back

Hey all due to a computer crash I haven't been able to post that much or put up any new videos on here, but I'm back and in the full swing of things so check back here often because it's going to start getting good! StumbleUpon

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Demons,God,Aliens and Spirits

So, does everyone see how I post about the devil,demons,God,aliens, and spirits in the same blog? I don't want to confuse people, but I can't dismiss the fact that all this stuff is connected. After all that's why I call the blog the UFO connection. I even throw in a little cryptozoology for kicks, but seriously any good investigation into anything can not leave any stoned unturned. Perhaps the demons ARE aliens. God and Jesus could be aliens. The spirits could be aliens from another dimension. Maybe the spirits live with the aliens in another dimension, maybe all this stuff comes from the same place. That's why I made this site, that is what is about.

If you read the bible, it just has "aliens" written all over it. People see spirits and aliens in their dreams, people hear alien voices and spirits voices, are they all talking from the same place? The place where the mind lives, not the body. ARE WE GIVING OUR IMAGINATIONS TOO MUCH CREDIT? Think about that one. StumbleUpon

Alien Contactees

Alien contactees are people that supposedly get talked to by aliens telepathically. The first question somebody might ask is, are these people schizofrenic?

A fiercely debated subject, alien contactees are all over the internet. You can find their accounts all over the place, most of them say some of the most outrageous things you have heard. Some of them claim to even have met aliens. Should we believe them? I don't know, it is interesting to see what they say and to check for patterns emerging.

But are they really in contact with the aliens?

They could be, but to think that would just be to much for you wouldn't it. A line has to be drawn, do we draw it at the telepathic alien contactees or do we hear what they have to say, even if it seems like a waste of time.

Some of the stories are out there, underground bases, weird experiments, aliens eating human babies and human flesh. It just gets weirder and weirder. Schitzofrenia, too many scary movies, or real alien contactees? How many of them are for real? A lot of them make bold predictions of invasions, and armageddon. Some of them say the aliens are good and here to help us. I hope so. StumbleUpon

Saturday, January 10, 2009

UFO filmed in 2009!

Here's another fresh one for the new year. What is up with the triangle type UFOs, I've definitely seen a lot of pictures and photos of them. Some people claim they are government planes that we don't know about yet. I don't know what they are, but they are definitely one of the most common UFOs around. It's always good to see a pattern. Is this a real UFO filmed in 2009?


Friday, January 9, 2009

UFOs,Hitler and The Nazis.

This is one of my favorite conspiracy theories, the possiblities are endless, a secret antarctic nazi base? I mean it doesn't get much crazier then that! A very good video about the UFO, Hitler and the Nazi party


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Little Boy, a real report of a ghost sighting

I was about 14 or 15 and I was cleaning the back porch I was the only one home, so I had the music up and was just going about cleaning. I had left and come back many times to throw out the garbage that had been stacking up all winter. On one of trips onto the porch I spotted a little boy sitting on one of the boxes, he was dressed in tan pants and a red flannel button up tucked in. He was sitting very proper. My first reaction was to quickly turn around and take it all in, I wasn't scarred but startled. I knew I was the only one home so I was not expecting to see anyone, specially not someone I had never seen before. After a few second pause I quickly turned around hoping that it would still be there. But when I turned there was nothing there but the boxes and garbage that I had been instructed to take out. I cleaned the rest of the porch a little eery that I might see something else. But nothing else was seen, or happened. Although it was for only a few quick seconds, I knew it was something I couldn't explain another way then it being a ghost of some kind. No words were exchanged but just from that I became a believer. And will always believe that their are spirits and ghosts around us. StumbleUpon

Ghost caught on tape

On this security tape you can see a real ghost. Two security guards are standing right next to the spirit and have no idea.


Possessed women

Strong viewer desecration is advised. This video was taken by the doctors watching the demonic possessions taken over their victims. The things you will see may scare you. This women is totally probably possessed by demonic forces.


Message on the Ouija board

A simple game with the dead turns out for the scariest. These kids will probably never play another board game ever. The Ouija board bas been linked to many ghost, and spirit sightings. Could it possibly also be communicating telepathically with aliens too? The Ouija board, always a source of trouble :P.


Ghost reveals it's self inside abandoned house.

Ghost hunters enter an abandoned haunted house, what they find will terrify them forever. Abandoned houses are prime spots for ghost to hide.


Ghost hunters

These ghost hunters have actually connected to a spirit and have it all caught on tape what the spirit has said in response. One of the most riveting things I have seen in awhile.


A sneak peak into Area 51

Here is some footage of the place known as Area 51 in Nevada.


Dead Alien revealed from area 51

PROOF!!!! Here it is revealed a dead alien from area 51 that is now to be seen by everyone. Area 51 is a remote secretive Military base in Nevada. This is an old video from the 50's of a dead alien


Corn Circles

What's left from after aliens visit earth? Here are some pictures of things that they have left us to ponder over. Are they real or not? Some have been seen on the news or other various places. It's up to you to decide. Crop circles, many of them are fake, some of them actually are really left by aliens.


Area 51, an above ground view.

Area 51, viewed from google earth, some interesting photos and activitiy here.


More on Alien Implants

More information on alien implants.


Alien Implants

Alien Implants, the evidence, take a look at these and tell me what you think.


Alien implants.

Alien implants, how can we locate them and what exactly are they doing to us? Are they tagging us like animals? Watching our every move? Or are they giving us sicknesses like cancer or leukemia, or are they actually healing us? Mind control, is it possible with these implants? Could serial killers just be alien operatives? When you get into the topic of UFOs and Aliens the possiblities are endless. Alien implants themselves are scary things. These actually have been taken out of people, but the topic is very hot and highly debatable as to which "specimens" are actually real alien implants or not. Someone could in theory, get a peice of metal stuck in their leg when they were just a kid, have it taken out and then obsess over it being an alien implant. Some of the implants look very geniune though like they are not of this world, and a lot of the testimony seems sincere. A lot of it though, is just people seeking attention. It's a lot like anything in the UFO community, seperating the sincerity and truth from the false and attention wanting fakes looking for money or whatever else.

Moving on, a lot of these implants seem to me more biological then mechanical or made of metal, which is interesting in itself. Obviously these aliens are more technology advanced then us, but do they know more about our own bodies then we do? If they do then contacting these aliens to help us with diseases and sickness would be a top priority. If the government does know about the aliens and they are hiding this kind of information, what a tradejdy that would be for people of every nation and race. The proof is out there that aliens exist, and implants are one of the hardest evidences for the case of the existence of aliens. Along with the photos of aliens and ufos and personal accounts,implants are on the front line for the proof of the aliens presence here on earth. StumbleUpon

UFOs do you believe in aliens? Have you ever been abducted?

So I added a poll to the site on the right hand corner, the two questions are do you believe in aliens? And have you ever been abducted by them. Personally I believe in aliens but have never been abducted by them, well, at least I can't remember ever being abducted by them. Please vote if you haven't already, I'd like to see the results. I'm thinking of adding more polls, like have you ever seen an alien, have you ever been contacted by them. Has anyone you ever known seen an alien, I don't know. I need more ideas. Feel free to suggest a new poll in this thread. StumbleUpon

Comments on 2012 The Mayans and Illuminati

Personally, I don't really know if the world is going to end in 2012. After reviewing posting all this information on the illuminati and the end times, a lot of it seems like it's untrue to me. The mayan calender seems like an unreliable source to predict
a sudden pole shift. I mean how would they really know? First it's 1994,then 2000, then 2003 now 2012, It's like it will never end. Also 2012 never meant that the anti christ was coming, it just meant there would be a pole-shift and that would mean the end of
the world. A lot of people seem to have mixed that up, automatically adding their own regilous beliefs to the 2012 end time theory. I don't know, I guess I'll have to wait until December 21, 2012 to really know, but couldn't we have christmas first? There is a lot of debate whether the Mayan calender even says if the worlds going to end. And the Illuminati theory is questionable as well. StumbleUpon

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SETI program

All about the Seti program


The Galaxy through a telescope

Watch this video and see real pictures taken of the earths Galaxy.... What's out there??? Hubble space telescope has been taking interesting photos of the galaxy for years now. Eventually it will be taken down and reportedly placed in New York City. Hubble will eventually be replaced by a much larger, more advanced telescope


UFO in Ukraine

IS it a bird? Is it a plane? is it a UFO??? U decide....


Caught from Security tape

From this security tape we see a real UFO flying. Coolest thing ever!


Google earth interesting photos.

Interesting photos on google earth.


More on Fema Concentration camps

More info about the supposed death camps in the United States. Fema concentration camps have been sighted all over the country. Are they for the same use as the Nazi concetration camps? Fema has been setting these up for quite a while, and these are some very interesting pictures and commentary about them.


Possible Fema Concentration Camp

Is this a concentration camp on AMERICAN SOIL? What is Fema really up to with this concentration camps? It sure looks like a concentration camp to me, you decide, and let me know what you think through a comment. Personally I think this is very disturbing.



A couple different spotting of what is known as UFO's Unidentified Flying Objects. Usually related to alien life-form. Where are they coming from, though this has yet to be answered, I feel that one day it will be. And with more evidence like this it will be easier to find a reason.


Is this proof of a UFO caught on Tape?

A strange light in the dusk caught on tape, for all to see. So cool, is it true that there are UFO's well yes and here is proof to that this video has a real UFO taped. I can't explain it can you???


Obama the antichrist

Some believe that Obama is the antichrist here is more backup for those who do. Listen to what they have to say, and take into consideration the facts that are being presented.


Ghost at gas station

A ghost at a gas station, caught on tape. Very believable. Of all the footage and research that I have done about ghosts this is the one that creeps me out the most. The realism is remarkable. It has made thousands say that they believe.


A real exorcism

Ever wonder what a real exorcism is like? Find out in the comfort of your own home. This tape is crazy cool. This young kid undergoes this exorcism in hopes to free himself from the horrific demon inside. Will there be help for this Philippine family?


Real Photos

Real photos of ghost spotting. There is no way these are fake, some pictures have even been set in print. To believe you have to look at this. If you are already a believer, well here is more proof.


The unexplained

This is a slideshow of all unexplainable creatures and sights. Are there aliens and UFOS? According to the pictures shown here yes there are. This has made me wonder, after you watch it think to yourself are they or are they not real? Some of the pictures I will admit are a little far fetched, but some I have no doubt in my mind that they are real.


Ghost in a hospital room

This video takes place in a hospital room, look closely and you will see it.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

UFO in Canada filmed in 2009!

A fresh new UFO filmed in Canada on January 2nd 2009, hot off the presses from outerspace!


UFO in Houston Texas.

A UFO filmed in Houston Texas, they're all over the place the invasion is here, head for the hills, buy a gun, dig the trenches, the war is on!


Recent UFO Sightings

Additional UFO Chat Rooms

Here are some additional UFO chat rooms. Email me at MWALL614@AOL.COM if you want your chat room added to my page!

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