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Friday, November 13, 2009


Here is an interview with an LCROSS investigator about water on the moon! Very exciting news indeed! Perhaps one of the most exciting discoverys in the history of man, if not the most important one. It remains to be seen how much water is really on the moon until we get there, but a significant amount does sound like a lot doesn't it? Enjoy the video of the NASA LCROSS investigator about water on the moon!



You heard it here! Water has been discovered on the Moon by Nasa! The LCROSS satelitte has uncovered "significant" amounts of water when it slammed into the Moon! This is huge for us as water on the moon means that we could build a base there, grow plants there, sustain life there. This may perhaps be the biggest discovery in the history of Nasa and outerspace exploration. Hopefully this discovery of water on the moon by Nasa means we will get our butts in gear and send some people up there sooner! Initially Nasa did not know what happened when the LCROSS satelitte smashed into the moon in late October. They had a wealth of data but were not able to interpret it. After studying that data of the LCROSS impact. It was concluded that there is water on the moon and a significant quality of water. This is absolutely a huge discovery as the water on the moon could tell us a lot about our own planet as well as provide the most essential need for any moon base that we would put up there. Initially people were disappointed by not seeing a good impact from the LCROSS satelitte. That changed with this news. In fact i'm not even sure if they were trying to find water on the moon in the first place! StumbleUpon

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Very Interesting Photographs of UFO

Here is a slideshow of some very very interesting photos of UFO. I do not know the location or when they were shot but this are some great pictures!. I definitely believe that these could be real shots of UFO. Some of the photos seem hard to even believe! These are great shots of a UFO and much credit goes out to whoever shot these pictures as these could be some of the most important photos the UFO community has ever seen!


UFO Swarm in Calgary Canada in 2009

UFO swarm around an airplane in Calgary. This could be just birds or bugs flying in front of the lense, it is hard to make out. The airplane it self looks a little suspicious, nevertheless I would like to get an expert opinion of this video of a UFOshot in Calgary, Canada in 2009. The black spots on the screen appear to be moving very fast. Could it be CGI? Bugs? Birds? Or is it the real deal and this is in fact a UFO shot in Calgary in 2009.


Another Strange Post In The Chatroom

Nov 4 2009, 4:47 AM
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Nov 4 2009, 4:49 AM
Guest366 (guest): Hemp Is the answer to a substainable uses of paper as well as plastics and paints
Nov 4 2009, 4:49 AM
Guest366 (guest): and cars

Again, we'd love to hear more. So please contact us! StumbleUpon

UFO sighted in italy in 2009 is it real or fake?

Here is another one of those red orb triangle type UFO that have been being seen all over the world. Are these sky lanterns? Or is this a real UFO shot in 2009 in italy? My bet is that it is a sky lantern, because I have seen many UFO that looked exactly like this red orb triangle type that have been proved as being sky lanterns. Let me know if you think different, I am pretty sure this UFO is fake that was shot in italy but I would like to get everyone opinions about this.


UFO sighted in Montana in 2009

Excellent and disturbing footage of a camera following a light moving through the sky. Looks like a very real UFO shot in Montana in 2009. Looks sort of like a slowly moving star. I have seen many of these types of UFO in my research. There have been many sightings in Montana in 2009 reported on youtube and other social networking sites. This is a pretty good one so enjoy.


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