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Saturday, May 30, 2009

UFO caught on Security Tape In Russia

A UFO was recently caught on security tape in May 2009. It can clearly be seen going across the sky starting in the upper left corner. This black and white security tape filmed in Russia shows what could be a UFO or meteor, and several people looking outside to watch it. It also appears to drop something although the quality on the Russian UFO security tape is bad and in black and white so you make the call your self. Is this Russian security tape filmed in May 2009 a meteor or a legit UFO?


Monday, May 25, 2009

UFO Chat Room

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Nasa Alien Anomalies and UFOs Caught on Flim

Here are some UFOs filmed by NASA. NASA has a long history of filming UFO and alien anomalies, on all their missions. NASA has hours and hours of classified and unclassified footage that has leaked onto the web. Some of the NASA footage below of UFOs maybe disturbing to you, especially if you don't believe in aliens so don't watch. NASA has been lying and continues to lie to this day about the existance of UFO and the lies seem to get thinner and thinner with these tapes of UFOs that have been leaking. A UFO here is filmed by the moon, another UFO is filmed by a sattelite, another UFO is filmed by the space station mir. Many UFOs are filmed in the earths atmosphere here, there is also a clip of a UFO by a space shuttle and a NASA astronaut saying "We are continuing to observe the Alien UFO". Some very interesting and scary stuff in this UFO film compilation. How long has NASA lied and what do they really know about UFOs.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

UFO in Horn Lake Mississippi Film in 2009

I'm not sure if this one is real or not its hard to tell but this is a UFO film in Mississippi of lights in the sky. Mississippi has been pumping out many UFO film this year so far, although this film is just of lights in the sky. It was film in 2009, just recently about three days ago. The UFO Connection is on top of UFO film just coming out from Mississippi to just about whatever state. A new one for 2009, there have been many so far in 2009 haven't there been? What do you guys think real or fake?


Saturday, May 23, 2009

UFO FLEET caught on tape flying by the moon.

A fleet of UFOs if seen here flying by the moon, very hard to fake this and I would like to hear people's reactions of what they are seeing here. There have been many theories of people saying aliens are on the moon, and that we were never even on the moon and such. Does this add to that? The footage here of the UFOs flying by the moon is come of the most incredible UFO footage I have ever seen. The moon would be a good base for an alien invasion fleet. If the aliens really do have a UFO fleet by the moon, why haven't the aliens attacked us yet? Also, why hasn't this been reported on the news? It looks very real to me and is clearly an alien fleet flying by the moon. The UFOs seen here appear to be the flying saucer type, but its hard to tell, they could also be the cigar shaped UFO that people have seen around the moon and the aliens have been reported flying. There have been many sightings of aliens flying around the moon, even reports of possible aliens footprints on the moons and several UFO videos of aliens on the moon. This is definitely one of the best, take a look, just recently filmed in 2009, let me know what you think. If these really are aliens flying by the moon.


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