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Friday, November 13, 2009


You heard it here! Water has been discovered on the Moon by Nasa! The LCROSS satelitte has uncovered "significant" amounts of water when it slammed into the Moon! This is huge for us as water on the moon means that we could build a base there, grow plants there, sustain life there. This may perhaps be the biggest discovery in the history of Nasa and outerspace exploration. Hopefully this discovery of water on the moon by Nasa means we will get our butts in gear and send some people up there sooner! Initially Nasa did not know what happened when the LCROSS satelitte smashed into the moon in late October. They had a wealth of data but were not able to interpret it. After studying that data of the LCROSS impact. It was concluded that there is water on the moon and a significant quality of water. This is absolutely a huge discovery as the water on the moon could tell us a lot about our own planet as well as provide the most essential need for any moon base that we would put up there. Initially people were disappointed by not seeing a good impact from the LCROSS satelitte. That changed with this news. In fact i'm not even sure if they were trying to find water on the moon in the first place! StumbleUpon

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