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Thursday, September 25, 2008

UFOs and technology

Have we contacted aliens? Is the government lying to us? Just where is the new technology coming from? In the last 100 years, there have been countless technological advances, that have dwarfed the technological advances in the past. Is this in itself reason to believe that humans have secretly contacted aliens and made a deal with them? It is one of the most interesting UFO theorys. Humans are often quick to pat them selves on the back for our great technology. Cellphones, atomic bombs,cars,planes,tanks,submarines,massive battleships and computers have all come out within the last 100 years. Is there an extraterrestial influence, discuss it here! StumbleUpon


Deano "aka" Jimmy Joe Meeker "aka" Fat Elvis said...

Thanks for dropping by the Nanner Stand blog. This site is freaking awesome. Let me say that I live a short drive from Gulf Breaze Florida and I have been going there on vacation for over 20 years. I remember as a kid, staying on the beach all night to see one of the famous UFO's. Never saw one....but I have to say science and technology are going faster than I can keep up. Maybe we could convince the aliens to take Paris, the Olsen twins and Stephen Segall movies back with them.

PrimosTec said...

compadre yo creo un 100% que esto tiene mas de un secreto...
es cosa de ver la trama de tranformes XD...
no, enserio todo loavistamiento y el gran avance tecnologiko da mucho que pensar en estos dias...y aho salen con eso de que quieren crear materia... con eso del experimento CERN!..
bueno saludos!!!

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